Low Refrigerant Levels in your Heat Pump System?

Winter seems to be holding on this year! But Spring will be here before you know it.

Along with Spring will come those warms days. Now is the perfect time to have your cooling system serviced for those warm summer days ahead. If your system was not cooling properly at the end of last summer, that problem will still exist if your unit has not been serviced. Many homeowners will turn on their AC units to find out they have no cooling. Heat pump systems will produce heat from the emergency/auxiliary heats strips. But, if the refrigerant has leaked out over the Winter, your system will not produce cooling. Most customers are unaware the refrigerant has leaked from their systems since the auxiliary heat produces heat even if the system is low on refrigerant. High electric bills usually result from low refrigerant levels. Have your system serviced before that first heat arrives!

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