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Why You Should Get a High Efficiency AC Unit for Your Home

The Many Benefits of High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Air conditioning can promote a more comfortable and healthy environment in your home, especially on days when the outside weather is hazy, hot and humid. But if your current air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider investing in a high efficiency AC unit. These are AC units having a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 16 or higher.

There are numerous benefits that come with upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner:

  • Saves Money.

    One of the first benefits that homeowners notice after installing a high efficiency AC in their house is savings on their energy bills. Because a high efficiency AC unit uses less energy to produce superior cooling results, the amount you pay on your monthly energy utility bill will be much smaller. The lower the SEER rating of your current air conditioner, the more savings you will get by installing a high efficiency AC unit.
  • Better Performance.

    Another great advantage to a high efficiency AC unit is better performance at the job you want your air conditioner to do, which is provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere indoors. And the newest high efficiency models equipped with such features as two stage compressors and variable speed air handlers will ensure better cooling ability with fewer occurrences of swings in temperature.
  • Longer Operating Life.

    A high efficiency AC unit is the best investment of your hard earned money because it has a longer operating life than lower efficiency units. A high efficiency unit is designed to experience much less on and off cycling while operating, which means that these units tend to experience fewer need for filter changes and repairs. Homeowners enjoy a more durable and better performing AC unit, with fewer costs to maintain that unit.
  • Environmentally Friendly.

    Another important benefit that comes from choosing a high efficiency AC unit for your home is being environmentally friendly. High efficiency air conditioners typically use green refrigerants for their operation such as R410a rather than the more old-fashioned Freon. Many states are already demanding the phase-out of Freon for air conditioning units, so upgrading to a high efficiency AC unit translates to less worry about Freon pollution in addition to facing rising costs for obtaining any Freon replacements. And homeowners who get a high efficiency AC unit touting the energy star label can save even more money by qualifying for federal tax credits, depending upon the SEER rating of their new unit.
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