What Causes My Faucets to Drip?

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

When a homeowner has leaky faucets they often are faced with a host of issues. Loss of sleep, a potential plumbing problem, and other issues related to the leaky faucets. Many homeowners wonder why their faucets drip in the first place. What causes your faucets to drip? That will be the focus of this blog article.

The following are some reasons why your faucets may be dripping:

  • Damaged Parts

    The first thing that can cause your faucet to drip would be parts that are damaged. In any given faucet there are a variety of parts that could give the homeowner grief when they break down over time. For example, your faucet system could have a damage O-ring. If the O-ring in your faucet is worn, then it will drip near the handle. A corroded valve seat could be another issue, causing leaking around the spout area of the faucet. Another area that could be worn and causing your faucet to drip could be in the washer area.

  • Worn Out Cartridges

    In a cartridge faucet sometimes the cartridge itself can get worn out. When this happens, there is the constant drip that will drive homeowners crazy.

  • Loose Parts

    Sometimes loose parts can also be a cause of the leak. Look at where the leak in your system is coming from. If it is coming from the handle of the faucet it could mean one thing and if it is coming from the spout of the handle it could mean entirely another thing. Loose parts can cause leakage in both areas.

  • Water Pressure Problems

    When your water pressure is loose, it sometimes can cause a leak in your faucet. One of the things that could be a dead giveaway to a water pressure problem. Water pressure can prevent water from flowing at one point and accumulating in another place, causing leakage in that area.

If you are having a leaky faucet the best thing you can do to alleviate the problem is to talk to an experienced professional.

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