HVAC Technician Changing Air Filter

Signs that your AC needs a tuneup

How to Tell When Your AC Needs Maintenance 

We rely on our air conditioners to keep our homes cool and comfortable throughout the warm summer months. However, if your conditioner is experiencing problems, it could end up costing you loads of money and also result in a sacrifice of comfort if the problem is not taken care of right away. However, often problems that surface are difficult to detect and remain subversive unless your watchful for signs that you may be facing a problem. That's why it is important to remain alert to these signs that could be the indicator that its time for your AC tune-up.

1. Check the air that is coming out of your unit. When you inspect the air flow, there are a few things to check for. First, ensure that the air coming form your unit is cold. If it isn't, there is probably a problem with your unit. Second, ensure that the air pressure is normal. If there is less air coming from the unit than usual, it could be a sign your air filter is clogged or  that something needs to be checked. Often, this is a sign that your unit needs to be cleaned as something is clogging the fans.

2. Pay attention the sound that your air conditioner makes when it is on. If the noise changes, you could be in for some trouble with your unit. If the noise increases, it is usually a sign of an abnormality. The same is true for strange banging or shaking noises that sometimes come from within units.

3. Also be sure that you can't smell anything abnormal emanating from your unit. A strange, musty odor could mean there is a problem within the unit and your unit probably needs to be cleaned.

4. Inspect your electrical bill. It is normal for bills to vary slightly from month to month. However, if you notice costs rising without explanation, your AC may need maintenance or repairs.

5. Finally, if you notice any moisture within or around your AC unit, it is vital that you see a specialist immediately as this is a sure sign that your unit isn't functioning correctly.

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