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What Kind of Regular Maintenance does an AC Need?

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance 

The best way to ensure that your air conditioning system runs efficiently throughout the summer is by having regularly scheduled AC maintenance checks. Working with a licensed air conditioning repair company will provide you several benefits throughout the year. Even if you do not suspect any problems with your air conditioning system, that doesn't mean that something might be on the verge of breaking down that a professional can easily spot. Here are some of the benefits to having a regular maintenance done on your air conditioning system.

Regardless how old your air conditioning system, it is important that you have a professional maintain the system at least once a year. If you only are doing a yearly check, the best time to call a maintenance company is during the spring. The will make certain the unit runs properly during the hot summer months. The repairman will first replace the filters inside your system. The filter is responsible for trapping dirt and dust that pass through, and if left unchecked could be come clogged to the point that your unit works much harder and longer to maintain cool temperatures.

Consult your local air conditioning repair company and inquire about their lowest priced maintenance plans. It might be cheaper to have them come out a few times a year to check the system. Some of the parts that are running all summer long are easier to repair if the trouble is spotted early. Waiting a full year could cause the part to break, requiring a replacement rather than a repair. That additional cost is going to set you back substantially.

These maintenance plans will pay for themselves when you aren't paying top dollar to replace a number of parts that are maintained during the inspection. Your licensed HVAC professional will inspect the motor, drain lines, blower, return and supply lines, coils, connections and refrigerant levels. These all need to be checked at least once a year, but a service call before and after the long summer months would be best for you in the end.

If the technician can locate a problem early enough, the repair will not be that costly. Compare that to several thousands of dollars if the system has a failure due to the motor or condenser, and you can see why a maintenance plan is so important. Your filters must be changed at least once a year because when they are clogged, the system has to run harder, which in turns wears out those parts much faster.

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