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Importance Of A Summer Maintenance Call For Your AC Unit

Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

Having your AC unit serviced every summer will keep your system running properly, and will ensure that your unit is working properly. It is important to do this every summer, as your AC is working its hardest in the summer months, and preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding any unnecessary AC system breakdowns. The three most important aspects of having an AC summer service call is making sure your AC system is functioning properly, changing the filters and checking the coolant level.

A qualified AC service professional should inspect your system every summer to make sure it is working like it should. He/she will check the airflow and cooling capacity of the system by making airflow tests as well as taking temperature measurements. There are many parts to an AC system, and only an AC service professional should inspect your system.

During the inspection, the service pro will also change your air filters as this will ensure that nice clean air is always flowing. Also, a clogged air filter could put a strain on the blower motor and make it work harder. This could lead to a damaged motor and a costly repair bill. Having the filter changed every summer will prevent this from happening.

The coolant level in your AC system, called the refrigerant, must be checked every summer. A leak in the system will make the unit less efficient and the cooling capacity will be low. A small coolant leak could cause a 20% increase in your electric bill. In addition, a low coolant level can cause the compressor to fail, and also cause the evaporator coil to freeze. This can also lead to a costly repair job. If your AC system needs more coolant, only a trained and certified technician can do the job.

Having a regular AC summer maintenance call by a trained service technician will keep your AC system working properly and will prevent any unforeseen problems that may arise. By having your system checked every summer, you will be assured of having a cool and comfortable summer.

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